Betws yn Rhos Male Voice Choir

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Our Music Team

The choir are very fortunate to have the services of a very talented team of musicians led by


 Ian Woolford  -  Musical Director. 

    Ian has been leading the choir since 2008 and has the deep technical skill and experience of what is required to produce a great sounding male voice choir ( in the Welsh tradition). He comes from a very talented muscial family and is very well known nationally and internationally as an operatically trained baritone soloist. Ian is an excellent vocal coach and has many pupils, including some members of this choir.                                                                                                


                                                     Janet Hopkins - Accompanist




 Wynford Thomas - Assistant Musical Director

   Wynford (known to all as Waldo), is a very experienced male voice chorister and bass singer.



Wynford Thomas - Assistant Conductor Ian Woolford - Musical Director